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Pet groomer charged with death of dog in her care

September 20, 2018

HAMPTON, N.H. (AP) — Police say a Hampton pet groomer faces animal cruelty charges after a dog died in her care.

Hampton police say Beth Bessemer left a 5-year-old golden retriever named Teddy in a crate with a hot dryer blowing on him and a noose tied around the dog’s neck. The Portsmouth Herald reports that Bessemer turned herself in Wednesday and has been prohibited from having contact with any pets.

The dog’s owner Joanne Schwope says she hopes for the best possible outcome. Before her arrest, Bessemer acknowledged the dog died in her care. But she said there was no heat on the dog when she left for lunch nor was the noose tied to anything.

Bessemer will be arraigned Oct. 30 in Seabrook District Court.

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