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Go vegan to save the climate

August 2, 2018 GMT

Here’s yet another compelling reason to go vegan: The nonprofit organizations Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and GRAIN recently analyzed the planet’s 35 largest meat and dairy companies and found that animal agriculture may soon surpass the oil industry as the world’s biggest contributor to climate change.

Combined, the top five meat and dairy corporations are already responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than ExxonMobil, Shell or BP, and unless people start eating vegan foods instead of animal-based ones, animal agriculture will likely be responsible for 80 percent of the allowable greenhouse gas “budget” by 2050.

The U.S., Canada, China, Brazil, Argentina, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand are collectively responsible for the majority of global meat and dairy emissions. Americans can do our part to combat climate change — not to mention curb pollution, conserve resources, and reduce animal suffering and health care costs — by going vegan. Visit www.PETA.org for a free vegan starter kit.


Heather Moore,

The PETA Foundation,

Norfolk, Virginia