Republican attack ad isn’t truthful -- Jane Licht

August 22, 2018

The devious and misleading attack ads by Gov. Scott Walker and his fat campaign chest (thanks to the Koch brothers) are starting already.

One ad says Democratic challenger for governor Tony Evers did nothing to revoke the license of a teacher who viewed porn at work. The ad does not explain that Evers was powerless to revoke the license until a bill (supported by Evers) passed the Legislature in 2011 that expanded the criteria for revocation to include teachers who “download, view, solicit, seek, display, or distribute pornographic material.” Evers is not shy about revoking teacher licenses whenever warranted, but he must follow the law and administrative rules when doing so.

Evers has two things that Trump supporter Walker will never have -- the courage of his convictions and integrity. Unlike ads supporting Walker, you can bet the ads put out by Evers will be truthful.

Jane Licht, McFarland

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