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Dreams That Repeat? Must Be Holiday Time

December 24, 2018 GMT

With the holiday at hand, it is common to undergo repetitive dreams of situations pertaining to our personal emotional feelings. We are bound to have thoughts of the past year. These thoughts trigger our dreams to remind us of what has passed, what is to come and, more often than not, what needs to change as well.

Dear Dream Retriever: I am writing in for your input on a dream that was not alarming to me but has repeated several times. I am in my house. (It seems to be my home and where I live, but it is not my real home). I am walking toward the front door and see that it is unlocked. I open the door and walk out to a foyer. There are several other doors in the hallway and one woman. The woman is at her doorway (I assume) and going into her apartment. I say to her that my home was broken into and point to the marks on the door where it was pried open. (The door is gray and metal, if that matters.) The woman does not respond. As soon as I say this, I immediately think of the money I hide in my home and run to see if it is there. At that point, I wake up and don’t know if I had been robbed or not. -- Curious, Dunstable


Dear Curious: Whether you were robbed or not is not what the dream was addressing, which is why you woke when you did. The break-in was the point. You first notice from inside the house that the door is open, and that says your feelings of this violation still exist. Then you open the door and see several other doorways and a woman goes through a door and ignores you. This signifies your outlook on the situation. You see that there are other potential avenues through which you could go but you have ignored. You are going through this and treating it as if nothing has happened. Someone has overstepped his or her boundaries with you, and you feel you have to accept this. This has left you feeling vulnerable and violated. Your feelings are justified and won’t go away until you address them, hence the repeat of the dream.

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