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County enters new agreement regarding 4-H Camp premises

February 9, 2018

HUNTINGTON — Cabell County commissioners have unanimously agreed to terminate an old agreement and enter into a new one with the Cabell County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 122, regarding a building and other structures at premises known as 4-H Camp.

“The Cabell County Fraternal Order of Police (CCFOP) was not really using it now, but were renovating the building and other structures for future use,” county attorney Bill Watson said. “Since the county is terminating its old agreement, the CCFOP wanted the commission to reimburse them on expenses they have already spent.”

The 4-H Camp is located between Davis Creek and the Guyandotte River in the Barboursville District.

Watson said the county has always owned the property, but the new agreement calls for the CCFOP to be reimbursed $30,000.

“The sheriff, in negotiations with the CCFOP, worked out a deal where they agreed the value of the improvements was $30,000, and $20,000 would be paid by the sheriff and $10,000 by county commission,” Watson said.

Cabell County Sheriff Chuck Zerkle said the CCFOP had put a building on the premises and was looking at even building a firing range.

“They never finished it and for the past few years have shown an interest in being reimbursed for what they have done there,” Zerkle said. “We can use it for law enforcement training and other events, so I am willing to pay some of the costs for reimbursement.”

The agreement allows the CCFOP to use the building for meetings, and if a firearms range is constructed in the future, the organization would be permitted to use it as well.

“I think this new agreement is a very good idea,” said commission President Bob Bailey. “We need to put it in use. It has been sitting there not being used for a long time.”

If the property is not used, according to law, the county would have to put the sale of it up for bid, according to Watson.

In other county commission business:

• An emergency absentee voting policy was unanimously approved that will allow the Cabell County clerk to provide absentee ballots to voters who are confined to a hospital or other duly licensed health care facilities located within a 35-mile radius of the county seat and to nursing homes within Cabell County.

• County commissioners unanimously approved the appointment of emergency ballot commissioners to serve in the 2018 primary election that were nominated by the county’s Democrat and Republican executive committees. Appointed were Susan Hubbard and Betty Step to serve as Democrat emergency ballot commissioners, while Janina Michael and David Tyson were appointed to serve as Republican emergency ballot commissioners.

• County commissioners unanimously approved levy renewal requests from the Cabell County Public Library, the Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District and the Cabell County Board of Education. The levies will be on the upcoming primary election ballot scheduled for May 8.