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Clinton Apologizes for ‘Boner’ on Haircut With AM-Clinton-TV Town Hall, Bjt

May 27, 1993 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton said Thursday he made ″a boner″ with his expensive haircut in California last week and never meant to inconvenience anyone.

″I would never do that. Not in a hundred years. Not ever,″ Clinton said during a TV town hall on CBS. ″I wasn’t raised that way. I’ve never lived that way. That’s not the kind of person I am.″

Two runways at Los Angeles International Airport were shut down for nearly an hour last week while Clinton got a haircut from high-priced hairdresser Cristophe while Air Force One sat on the tarmac.


Clinton said he had asked Secret Service agents ″whether anybody would be held up or inconvenienced and I was told no.″

″I mean, look, I wear a $40 watch. Do I look like the kind of guy who would go and sit on the airport - I mean, it was just a blowup,″ he said.

One man at the town hall asked how Clinton was coping with the publicity.

″I think you’ve got to learn to laugh at things like that, when little things get made big and big things get made little, and you make a boner,″ he said.

Clinton adviser Paul Begala said the fuss over the haircut will soon fade.

″If Bill Clinton can revive this economy and reform health care, the American people won’t care if he shaves his head in a mohawk and dyes it purple,″ he said on NBC.