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Judge and Clerk Shot By Gunman on Dirt Bike

October 2, 1992 GMT

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) _ A state magistrate and her court clerk were shot as they jogged in the prairie, and authorities tried to determine if the attack could be linked to any recent court action.

District Court Magistrate Martelle Daniels, 34, was in good condition and clerk Rose Anne Schweissing, 31, was upgraded to fair condition Friday at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Daniels was shot in the head and hand and Schweissing was shot in the chest and face as they jogged Wednesday evening north of Grand Junction.

Daniels handles mainly child-custody and divorce cases.

″We’re taking a look at what has been going on in that courtroom in recent weeks to see if there might be a connection with what happened,″ District Attorney Steve ErkenBrack said.

Investigators also were going over cases handled by her husband, a deputy district attorney.

Daniels did not recognize the attacker, a man in his late 20s or early 30s, said Mesa County sheriff’s spokesman Don Williams.

The attacker approached the two women on a dirt bike, stopped and shot each twice at close range with a small handgun, Williams said.

Daniels, who is pregnant, struggled briefly with the attacker before running to a highway and flagging down a car, Williams said.

Daniels’ fetus was not injured, a hospital spokeswoman said.