Dan Rather speaks about travels through western Nebraska on road trip with grandson

July 18, 2017 GMT

Western Nebraska locations got some mentions as journalist Dan Rather and his grandson, Martin Rather, traveled through to visit Mount Rushmore over the weekend

Rather visited Mount Rushmore in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Sunday, July 16.

“Mount Rushmore is a great monument. It never disappoints,” he said in a video posted to Facebook.

In a series of videos on his Facebook page, Rather and Martin Rather have been speaking about their travels together. Dan Rather and Martin Rather said they took a tour of Mount Rushmore Monday and visited the Crazy Horse Memorial Monument, which is still under construction and a short drive from Mount Rushmore.

Observances during the trip have included comments about railroads spotted along the highways as they traveled from Grand Island, Nebraska, to Rapid City. Rather offered comments about the importance of the railroad and trucking for hauling goods.

Martin Rather also mentioned that the duo had stopped at a gas station that sold beer, bait and ammo in Nebraska, though Martin Rather said they had forgotten the name of the station or town that they had visited.

During the trip on Sunday, Martin Rather mentioned, they did not see a lot of restaurants opened on Sundays. They spoke about a stop at the McDonald’s in Alliance — which both men mentioned has a construction project that is currently underway.

Martin Rather called it “a lovely McDonald’s,” though Dan Rather said “it was anything but beautiful” with the project underway. He complained in a laughing manner that his breaded chicken sandwich had too much mayo.

Alliance also got a mention on Rather’s Twitter, with a tweet about traffic. Rather mentioned “driving on lonely -- few other cars -- but lovely stretch of Hwy 385 through NW Nebraska, near town of Alliance.”

Also on Twitter, Rather shared a photo of the duo stopping at a Chadron Taco John’s for tacos.

Stopping for tacos at “Taco John’s” near Chadron, NE. #roadtrippic.twitter.com/YtQ4yCUdou — Dan Rather (@DanRather) July 17, 2017

As the grandfather-grandson wrapped up their journey, Rather reminded viewers of a common theme in his travel — to support local media. He said that he had visited with local journalists at television stations in South Dakota. He also talked about reading local newspapers and listening to news on local radio stations.

He touted local newspapers, reminding people that they offer good strong local coverage.

“If you are not subscribing to your local newspaper, then why not do so, because in many, many cases you are supporting first-rate journalism.”