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Athletes enjoy moderate Adirondack weather for the Iron Man

July 24, 2017 GMT


The Lake Placid Iron Man competition has been challenging athletes to swim, bike, and run the Adirondacks for nearly 20 years. Racers say the weather for this year’s race was just right, despite being a little cool for a July day.

“A little cool in the morning. I had to dress up a little bit to stay warm, but we kept going through patches of wet asphalt, but there was no rain, and then it just kinda crept up in temperature, and then it’s a perfect day for running,” said Brent McMahon, an athlete from Victoria, B.C.

Racers swim over 2 miles, bike over 100 miles, and run over 26 miles. By the time McMahon made it to the finish line, he was not only ready for his first place medal--he was ready for his victory meal: a slice of pizza.

“My legs feel terrible, but I feel great. It was a wonderful race, a beautiful course, tough course, great fans,” said McMahon.

The race brings competitors from across the country to Lake Placid. Crowds lined the streets and set up along the finish line to cheer people on. Justin Daerr finished third place.

“My expectations for this race were kind of falling in line with the way that I performed. I didn’t know really what that would turn into in terms of a place, so to finish in the podium with what I was able to put together I’m pretty happy with,” said racer Justin Daerr of Boulder, CO.

And while they may be vying for a medal... many racers say it’s the course that inspires them.

“I’m from Colorado, so I live in the mountains, so to race in the mountains is sort of what I’m comfortable with, what I’m happy with. I like the history of the area, having such a strong sporting background and everything like that. And it’s also just more of what we consider to be a strength course,” Daerr said.

Challenging athletes year after year with a scenic course--and a steep competition.