TERRY COLUMN: Choice words from a top prospect

May 2, 2018 GMT

“I’ll leave you with this thought: If you take me, I promise you we will win a championship. If you don’t, I promise I’ll come back and kick your a--.”

It’s a bold statement for a quarterback to make months before he’s proven himself as a professional. Even bolder for a guy who proved he had all the talent in the world, but never translated it to significant wins in college.

That was Peyton Manning in 1998, speaking to then-Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian. The Tennessee quarterback backed up that confidence with two Super Bowls and a Hall of Fame career.

Twenty years later, new Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen has received jeers from the national media for displaying a similar confidence after being drafted No. 10 in this year’s NFL draft.

“Nine mistakes were made ahead of me,” said Rosen, who was projected as a potential top overall pick. “And I will make sure over the next decade or so that they will know that they made a mistake.”

Is it bold? Yup.

Is it confident? Sure.

Is it factually correct? Probably not considering at least three of those teams didn’t need a quarterback, but that’s not the point.

The point is Rosen feels he was the best quarterback in his class. As with any overly-confident young person, he would have liked to seen that validated by the people who do the hiring in his profession.

His comments became a talking point, drawing consternation from draftniks and talking heads on TV and radio, including Polian, that often laud the same comments from guys like Manning or Aaron Rodgers.

Call me crazy, but I don’t mind a confident quarterback.

Sure, Rosen will have to channel that resentment into learning the pro game. He’ll have to work to beat out Sam Bradford if he’s going to see the field at all, or at least wait a few weeks for Bradford to get injured.

But those by themselves aren’t bad things, and either is a little trash talk between a rookie and eight teams who most likely didn’t have their feelings hurt.

Rosen clearly believes in himself.

Now let’s see if he can make the rest of Arizona believe too.

Joseph Terry is the Assistant Editor for the Today’s News-Herald. He can be reached at jterry@havasunews.com.