Meet the caravan with poetry, words of welcome

November 13, 2018 GMT

What if 10,000 poets assembled on the U.S.-Mexico border to greet the migrant caravan? Each newcomer would be flanked by two poets. Reciting poems in unison, the sound of the military bullhorns would be drowned.

Janie Oakes

Santa Fe

Believe it or not

I support Donald Trump because he’s disabusing America of its false beliefs and fighting back against the warped lunacy of the left. If you have a male body, you are a man, not a woman, in my opinion. And yes, we need to stop caravans of migrants from crossing our border. It’s not our job or our responsibility to care for the countless unfortunates of the world. There are desperately poor people in the world; no, we cannot take them in. I believe the women who accused then- Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were lying and should be prosecuted and jailed for making false allegations. I believe Kavanaugh. Re-elect Trump in 2020.

Emily Romero

Santa Fe

Better than most

I just returned to Amarillo, Texas, from a five-day visit to Santa Fe. During my stay, your paper was delivered to my room daily. What a good newspaper you publish! My father was a newspaperman, and I grew up around small town and metropolitan newspapers. Your paper is better than most that seem to be published these days. Congratulations on providing your readers with meaningful journalism.

Kay Haraguchi

Amarillo, Texas

Claim to fame

Hey Maw, did ya see here where they’re wantin’ to name a kids’ park after a guy who served time in jail (“Pic for park?” Nov. 8)? They say he got fired from a “gobment” job for a “conflict of interest” and then was in the clink for tax evasion. Shoot, everybody does that. And if they name the park after this guy, his wife — a former “mare” — she could even give the city her pitcher. Kinda adds a little excitement, don’t it? I say, “Let’s get ’er done!”

Marlene Barnes

Santa Fe

Questioning why

I am outraged that the city is considering — or already has agreed to — bribing former Mayor Debbie Jaramillo to get her permission to honor her by hanging her photo on the wall of City Hall (“Pic for park?” Nov. 8). I suggest that a space be left in the sequence of mayoral photos with a framed notice: “Mayor Jaramillo has denied us permission to display her portrait here.” That should answer all questions as to why she is not shown.

Kenneth Jacks

Santa Fe

Get rid of ’em

To the army of Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and independent candidates, staffers and volunteers who contributed so much to last Tuesday’s vibrant New Mexico election, now please take the next step. It’s time to take down campaign signs. Take them down and help restore the natural beauty that makes our state the Land of Enchantment.

Gary Payton

Santa Fe

Reason to give

For 25 years, Kitchen Angels has held the Spirit of Giving project. It collects items to create holiday gift baskets for its clients. The group hopes to fill baskets with gifts donated by individuals and businesses. This year’s clients’ wish list includes: bath towels, hand towel and facecloth sets, flashlights, clip-on book lights, protein powder packets, plastic blender bottles and toiletries. Any donation is appreciated. The group also is accepting cash for purchase of these items. Drop off donations between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. by Friday, Nov. 16, at 1222 Siler Road. People who want to volunteer to wrap presents Saturday, Dec. 1, or volunteer in general, can visit the website at www. kitchenangels.org or call 505-471-7780, ext. 2. Kitchen Angels prepares and delivers free meals to 180 clients in Northern New Mexicans who are home bound.

Linda Dressman

board member, Kitchen Angels

Santa Fe