Super Bowl LIII to feature male cheerleaders for the first time

February 3, 2019

History will be made Sunday when the NFL will have male cheerleaders at the Super Bowl for the first time.

The Los Angeles Rams’ cheerleading crew features two men Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies and they will perform at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Both Peron and Jinnies joined the Rams this season.

View this post on Instagram Aye Napoleon, you think Atlanta is ready for us? ... NAHHHHHH 😜😜😜... WERE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! 😭😭😭 A post shared by Quinton Peron (@itsaquintonthing) on Jan 20, 2019 at 4:26pm PST

Per Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, Peron and Jinnies are excited for the opportunity:

β€œYou see this smile on my face?β€³ Peron said, grinning from Atlanta to Los Angeles. β€œYou see this?β€³ ... β€œIt’s been an upwards journey of excitement,β€³ said Jinnies, 28. β€œIt’s been the perfect season.”

There have been other instances of men cheerleading in high school, college and professional sports. But Peron and Jinnies will be the first do so in the Super Bowl.