HAVANA (AP) — Cuban is willing to work with the United States in the fight against Ebola, President Raul Castro said at a summit of leftist Latin American nations Monday.

Castro said that the world must avoid politicization of the effort. He spoke at a summit of the ALBA alliance, which includes several Latin American and Caribbean nations. The region's largest countries are not members of the group.

Cuba is sending nearly 400 medical workers to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the largest contribution by any single country.

"We believe that we must avoid any politicization of this grave problem that would distract us from the fundamental objective, which is helping confront this epidemic," Castro said. "Cuba is willing to work shoulder to shoulder with all other countries, including the United States."

The meeting closed with a series of resolutions by ALBA member nations to work closely to keep Ebola out of the region and support Cuban medical assistance to Africa. The resolutions contained few details or specifics about the plans.