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Colleen Dunn: Homeland Security Dept. badly needs overhaul

March 25, 2019

Editor: Homeland Security was established in 2002, in the aftermath of Sept. 11. Kirstjen Nielsen, the head of the Department, is a total joke. Nobody in that department knows what they are doing. First: the department didn’t keep track of the children it separated at the border. Second: now being reported in the paper, Homeland Security released the personal information of 2.3 million disaster survivors from fires, floods, etc. The Privacy Act of 1974 prevents the unauthorized disclosure of personal information. This action by the Department of Homeland Security puts victims of natural disaster at risk and into jeopardy is over the top. These actions, along with others, show that Homeland Security, just doesn’t know what they are doing. The department lacks ethical and organizational skills. Looking at the Trump administration, it looks like we don’t have quality people at the head of some of our most important governmental offices. We need to change what is happening by voting into office more qualified people and demanding only the appointment of the best people available for the tasks at hand.

Colleen Dunn

Lake Havasu City

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