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ISP officials say drug problems being addressed

April 18, 2017

In response to recent allegations of an influx of the Synthetic K2 drug at Iowa State Penitentiary, prison officials say they are dealing with the problem.

In a press release distributed Monday afternoon, prison officials state ISP has “identified the presence of contraband drugs within the institution and is taking appropriate steps to address the situation. Although the matter is currently under investigation, prison officials have announced immediate changes in procedures with regard to mail and visiting to intercept contraband.”

Staff has also been educated both verbally and via email on how to identify the substances, including K2.

“Offenders who have been found in possession or use of any suspected foreign substances are being handled through the institutional disciplinary process,” according to the press release.

On Friday, AFSCME Council 61 President Danny Homan sent out his own press release stating that in recent weeks, a total of 12 inmates have been tied to an infiltration of the synthetic drug K2.

“The inmates involved have either been found in possession of the drug, or near overdose from the dangerous effects of the substance,” Homan stated.

Homan criticized ISP officials for not placing the facility on lockdown status to conduct” a thorough sweep to remove all traces of the drug from the premises.”