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Tooth Fairy Payouts Dip

March 2, 2018 GMT

While the U.S. economy has been improving, America’s children haven’t been sharing in the bounty. As Money magazine reports, an annual poll has found that the Tooth Fairy’s payout rate for a lost tooth has actually dropped by 11%.

The Original Tooth Fairy Poll, conducted annually since 1998 by Delta Dental, surveyed just over a thousand parents of six to 12-year-olds this past December about how much they give their kids when they lose a tooth. According to the poll, the going rate for a lost tooth in the U.S. is now $4.11, down from $4.66.

However, where you live can make a difference: According to the poll, kids who live in Western states earn the most per tooth -- $4.85 on average -- while kids in the Midwest get the least: just $3.44.

The poll also surveys global Tooth Fairy payouts. In the last year, British, Canadian and Japanese kids received nearly the same amount as American kids. $4.12, $4.11 and $4.12, respectively.