Hub Arkush: Glennon’s poor play left Bears with no choice but to start Trubisky

October 3, 2017

CHICAGO – Sometimes I feel like the only guy in Chicago with no dog in this race.

I honestly don’t care who starts at quarterback for the Chicago Bears as long as he gives his team, teammates and fans the best chance to win.

Also, unlike most of you, I don’t pretend to know whether that’s Mike Glennon, Mitch Trubisky or Mark Sanchez.

I have a hunch, but we’ll save that for later.

When we last visited with John Fox Friday, it was clear in his body language and demeanor that a change was probably at hand even as he did his best to delay confirming the inevitable.

I suspect Glennon is at least a little bit better than what we’ve seen so far, perhaps even a lot better.

But he just isn’t very good right now and he is not giving the Bears the best chance to win.

Ryan Pace and Fox have done exactly what they said they would, they gave Glennon this year.

Now he’s given it back.

It’s one thing to lead the NFL in turnovers when you’re a young developing quarterback with a team that has a fighting chance at other positions, but it’s a whole other thing when you’re supposed to be the veteran holding down the fort on a rebuilding club that is struggling almost everywhere else.

My guess is we haven’t seen the last of Glennon.

There’s no conspiracy theory here or predictions for the next guy up, that’s just the way it goes at the quarterback position in the NFL.

Glennon just doesn’t deserve to start right now if there’s a chance you have a guy who can do better.

Can Trubisky do better? That’s a much tougher question.

What we wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in the meetings where Fox and his coaching staff, and I’d assume Pace decided it’s time to give the rookie a shot?

What we really want to know is are they doing this now because they think Trubisky is ready?

Or are they doing it because they’re worried about doing damage to the team and possibly risking jobs, including their own, and they just have to get Glennon off the field?

If it’s the former then great, let’s go for it.

If it’s the latter then shame on them and they need to go to Sanchez rather than forcing the future before it’s fully formed.

I’m guessing there isn’t a Bears fan alive who doesn’t know that DeShaun Watson – drafted 10 spots after Trubisky – threw for 283 yards, four touchdowns, one pick and 125.0 passer rating yesterday against a solid Tennessee defense.

Some of you asked me Monday if that is why they’re going to Trubisky now?

Lord I hope not and I certainly don’t believe that.

Talk about apples and oranges. Watson played in 38 games at Clemson including two national championship games that are bigger than any regular season NFL game.

Coming out of school I and a number of others liked Watson a bit more than Trubisky, at least in part because he was clearly the most NFL ready.

Yes, Trubisky has shown flashes of excellence and has some of the unique traits you look for in an NFL quarterback, but with only 13 college starts, he will start next Monday as raw as steak tartare.

Part of the reason the Bears are doing this is if Trubisky matches Glennon’s performance to date exactly, everyone will be fine with it because they’re developing the rookie.

To stay on the field, Glennon just had to be better, and he clearly wasn’t good enough.

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