McCain fought to slow climate change -- Steven Reusser

September 8, 2018 GMT

John McCain was a hero -- the maverick with integrity who spoke his mind. We should not only eulogize, but pay attention to how he strove to solve difficult problems.

One such area was climate change. He co-sponsored climate change legislation, including a cap-and-trade bill for carbon. The bill failed. But why, in spite of his political party, did he attempt to address climate change?

An analogy can be made to his cancer. He had symptoms and probably thought it was age and overwork. The expert oncologists told him it was brain cancer. He trusted the experts, and took all the treatment available to try to turn things around. There is always hope, regardless of the prognosis.

He took the same approach with climate change. Trust the experts -- scientists -- when their studies find that excess carbon in the atmosphere will have severe consequences for the Earth and the environment. Do not ignore the symptoms, work with vigor to turn things around. It is too important for future generations.

McCain realized climate change is a nonpartisan issue. It is science, and it is a cancer threatening the nation as much as any other issue.

Steven Reusser, Eau Claire