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Kara Eggers: Eileen Moeller is the leader we need in Ward 2

October 30, 2018

I am writing to express my support for Eileen Moeller for Winona City Council Ward 2. I have known Ms. Moeller since 2008 when we attended Winona State. While in college we had many classes together, as well as worked on extracurricular projects together. From these experiences I have seen how great Ms. Moeller is at leading.

She has always cared a great deal about the community she lives in and takes it upon herself to ensure that positive change is on the horizon. Ms. Moeller knows that local government is where we see and feel changes happening. No election is too small to influence the future. The issues that Ms. Moeller is most passionate about influencing will have an amazing, and lasting impact on Winona’s future.

Some of the key issues of Ms. Moeller’s campaign that I think will impact Winona a great deal are affordable housing, affordable and safe transportation, and safe streets for everyone. As our city grows it is important that everyone is safe and secure in their own homes and streets. Ms. Moeller is a forward thinker and is willing and able to bring a new perspective to influence and shape Winona’s future.

I invite you to join me in voting Tuesday, Nov. 6. If you live in Ward 2, I hope you will consider voting for Eileen Moeller as your representative.

Kara Eggers, Winona