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Being snowbound too much for one young traveler

April 1, 1997

BOSTON (AP) _ Tyler Deane had been waiting forever to get to Disney World. And when the April Fool’s Day blizzard kept him from flying there, it was just too much for the 6-year-old boy.

``He was mad,″ his father, Paul Deane, said after their second possible flight Tuesday was canceled. ``He turned to me and said `It’s your fault. It’s the pilot’s fault. It’s God’s fault. I prayed to God and he didn’t answer my prayers.‴

``We just sat in the empty plane for 45 minutes until he kind of regained control,″ Deane said. ``The plane wasn’t going anywhere.″

From Monday afternoon through most of Tuesday, no one at Logan International Airport went anywhere.

Being grounded was nothing new to 45-year-old Jill Eastridge, who was trying to get to Chicago for her father’s funeral.

``A year ago, when my father had emergency heart surgery, I was trapped here overnight by a snow storm. In September, when his health went down hill, I was trapped here by a hurricane.″

Sitting across from Eastridge, Susan Tremblay tried to cheer her up. But Tremblay, 32, had her own worries in Atlanta, where her husband, two children and puppy were trying to cope without her.

``They’re falling apart, I really need to be home,″ she said. ``My husband called saying my youngest had severe pneumonia, a strep throat and was running a fever of 105. And they lost the puppy for 12 hours.″

Tremblay built a nest of newspapers on the floor Monday night, and burrowed beneath a thin blanket and pillow borrowed from one of the airlines.

Others took refuge in corners and lounge chairs. People who couldn’t sleep sat up and talked while they took turns guarding one another’s bags during bathroom breaks.

``I know we’re not suppose to watch stranger’s bags. But now we’re sharing toiletries. For the last 24 hours, we’ve become very intimate. If you can’t do that, then you’ve lost something somewhere,″ Tremblay said.

Newlyweds Al and Sue Bocholtz, a couple in their 60s from Daytona Beach, Fla., filled time by strolling around the airport with their arms around each other.

``I haven’t seen snow in 20 years, and I had to come here and see it,″ said Al Bocholtz. ``It’s a great April Fool’s joke, but we’re having a great time.″

Connecticut’s Windsor Airport, near Hartford, was closed overnight.

``The airplane don’t want me. The hotels are full. Nobody wants me,″ lamented Vincent Mule of Meriden, Conn.

Ground transportation also didn’t work very well during the storm.

Boston’s trolley lines, which normally carry more than 100,000 passengers a day into Boston, were closed by snow for the first time in nearly 20 years.

``We ran into all sorts of trouble,″ said transit system spokesman Brian Pedro. ``On the tracks there were trees, cars, farm animals, you name it.″

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