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Jerry Miller and Emilio DeGrazia: A new proposal for the Madison block

March 5, 2019 GMT

Many citizens of Winona have made it clear they would like to see a proper and efficient use made of the Madison school block. At public hearings, neighbors have expressed their desire to preserve the area’s open spaces for community recreational uses. Many also expressed a strong preference for use of the Madison School building as a community educational center or school.

We would like to propose that the Madison School block be developed as:

1. A day care facility.

2. An early childhood center.

3. A recreational area open to children and neighbors.

This project could be developed and financed through a public and private partnership.

A real need for such a project exists. It would serve both short and long-term Winona purposes. Day care programs are needed by families and businesses, and early childhood programs are good for children. Economic development of Winona depends on the city’s ability to attract families, and to provide their young children with proper facilities and care. The preservation and good use of historic buildings is important to making Winona an attractive place to live. The development of educational programs for children and the improvement of recreational spaces at Madison will please neighbors while satisfying genuine community, family and economic needs.

We are committed to initiating a planning process that will bring community members, city officials, educators (including those from 861), and business leaders together to make this proposal a reality.

Jerry Miller and Emilio DeGrazia, Winona