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Meet your neighbor: Condon manages mall, husband and sons

October 24, 2017 GMT

Cassie Condon’s home has always been North Platte, and she is just fine with that.

“I was born and raised in North Platte and never left,” Condon said. “I attended school here, college here and continued on with my career here. I’m a lifer and proud of it.”

She grew up through the North Platte Catholic Schools system.

“I attended McDaid Elementary through St. Patrick’s High School,” Condon said. “Then I went to Mid-Plains Community College and got an associate degree in business.”

Her parents still live in North Platte.

“I have two brothers,” Condon said. “I’m smack dab in the middle of them, and they both live in Omaha.”

Her husband also grew up in North Platte, but they had never met.

“I’m married to Sean and we were actually introduced by mutual friends the summer before college,” Condon said. “We’ve been together ever since then.”

They married in 2006 and have two boys, Jackson, 7, and Evan, 5.

Condon has been working at the Platte River Mall for 16 years.

“I am the property manager at the Platte River Mall,” Condon said. “The last seven years have been in the office and the last two I have been property manager.”

She started parttime at the Vanity store in the mall while still in high school

“When I went to college, I was promoted to assistant manager and before I finished my two-year degree at Mid-Plains I was named store manager,” Condon said. “I was trying to do school full time and manage the store full time and it was a fun last semester, but it worked out.”

She managed the store for five years.

“Then Sean and I started having children, and it didn’t work out to work 48 hours-plus a week, and Sean with two jobs and me missing bedtimes and stuff, it just didn’t work out anymore,” Condon said.

Her hobbies are centered on her two boys.

“I like arts and crafts with the kids, something that they put their personal touch on I can hang up on my wall or keep in the office here,” Condon said. “Just about anything to do with boys.”

Condon said she loves a lot of things about North Platte.

“I feel it’s the size,” Condon said. “A lot of people don’t appreciate the size. I have visited other towns, and I like knowing my way around. I like knowing the people that are surrounding me.”

She said it’s the perfect size.

“I feel a very calm, safe environment in North Platte,” Condon said. “Honestly, everything I’ve ever truly needed is right here. I haven’t felt like I’ve had to go and search out anywhere else. It’s a good feeling.”

One place she’d like to visit is one of the historical parks that have dinosaur bones.

“That is definitely on my list to get the boys to at some point,” Condon said.

She doesn’t like to cook.

“Sean is the cooker in our family,” Condon said. “Chances are if it’s my night to cook, we’re either eating pancakes or we’re going out to eat.”

She said Sean makes really good chicken enchiladas and cheeseburgers, “and his breaded chicken sandwiches are really good.”

Her dad gave her a nickname when she was very young.

“My dad called me ‘Casmar’ and that’s the only nickname I’ve ever had,” Condon said. “It could be because my name is Cassie Marie.”

Condon said she really doesn’t have many secrets.

“I’m an open book. I answer every question anybody asks me,” Condon said. “There is one thing — I’m a candy or junk food junkie. I can sit and eat junk food all day long — any kind of boxed candy.”