Sri Lanka activists urge fairness for terror suspect

September 18, 2018

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — Family members, human rights activists and civic groups gathered in Colombo on Tuesday to demand a speedy and fair investigation of a Sri Lankan student detained in Australia on a terrorism charge.

Kamer Nizamdeen, 25, was arrested in Sydney on Aug. 30 and accused of planning to carry out terror attacks, according to the New South Wales police website.

Police said they found the plans in a notebook.

A support group, United for Kamer, held a peaceful protest as part of their call for a fair trial for Nizamdeen.

The group said Nizamdeen had been working for the University of New South Wales and has been kept in solitary confinement since his arrest.

It said Nizamdeen denies what police say he wrote in the notebook, which had not been with him for two months.

A statement from the family read at the protest said Nizamdeen was allowed to contact one family member immediately after the arrest but was then denied access to legal counsel or family members.

The statement read by Nizamdeen’s uncle, Kaleel Cassim, said the family is alarmed by a lack of information.

“We accordingly call upon the Australian government to ensure that investigations into allegations against Kamer are concluded expeditiously, and that he is guaranteed the right to communicate regularly with his family,” the statement said; also asserting his right to receive advice from his attorney.

The protesters silently held placards that read, “He has been framed” and “Kamer is innocent.”