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Pro-Apartheid Candidate Wins By-Election With PM-South Africa, Bjt

November 29, 1991

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) _ A pro-apartheid candidate has easily defeated his opponent from the governing National Party in a parliamentary by-election that indicated white opposition to President F.W. de Klerk’s reforms.

Conservative Party candidate Kobus Beyers had said before Thursday’s vote that people ″know instinctively that Mr. de Klerk and the National Party are on the road to an unavoidable African National Congress government.″

Voters in the election in Virginia, a town in predominantly white, conservative Orange Free State, gave Beyers 7,980 votes and a wide margin of victory over his opponent, Jac Kloppers, who received 4,814 votes.

Kloppers had acknowledged that economic hardship in the gold mining region, caused in part by low gold prices, and black factional fighting made voters apprehensive.

The Conservative Party opposes de Klerk’s reforms, which have included the repeal of apartheid laws and negotiating with the ANC and other black groups.

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