Five interesting things about Elton John

March 26, 2019 GMT

It’s his birthday

Acclaimed musical artist Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947, in Pinner, England. He turns 72 today.

Prolific Billboard success

Elton John has charted more than 60 songs on Billboard’s Top 100 list, including nine No. 1 hits.

A Hall of Fame member

On Jan. 19, 1994, Elton John was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Name change explained

He officially changed his name to Elton John in 1967. The name was inspired by members of his early band, Bluesology. The saxophone player was named Elton Dean, and the lead singer was named Long John Baldry.


Concert curtain coming down

Elton John is in the midst of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour which began Sept. 8, 2018 in Allentown, Pa. The tour will last three years and will include 300 shows across five continents.