Lowell Bar Served Suspension Over Minors

February 13, 2019 GMT

LOWELL -- Dudley’s Restaurant and Bar downtown turned in its liquor license last week as the establishment began serving a four-day suspension because of multiple underage drinking violations.

The state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) handed down the four-day suspension after the Merrimack Street watering hole was cited for yet again allowing minors drink alcohol.

In lieu of paying a fine, Dudley’s decided to hand over its liquor license from Wednesday, Feb. 6 to Saturday, Feb. 9.

“That was action from the ABCC,” said Ryan Winn, executive secretary of the Lowell License Commission. “Their investigators did the leg work on that situation.”

For an Oct. 6 incident, Dudley’s was cited for one count of allowing a person under 21 to possess an alcoholic beverage. As a result, the ABCC in December suspended Dudley’s for three days, of which one day would be served.

The Commission had previously suspended Dudley’s license for three days due to a June 8 incident, but held that suspension in abeyance for two years. The new violation meant Dudley’s violated the conditions of that previous suspension being held in abeyance.

Thus, the Commission ordered Dudley’s to tack on those previous three days to the one day for the October incident, resulting in a four-day suspension.

On Oct. 6, shortly after midnight, investigators found five minors in possession of alcohol at Dudley’s.

According to the ABCC, those minors were:

n 20 years old, drinking a Malibu rum and Sprite soda, presented a fake Maine ID.

n 18 years old, drinking a vodka and cranberry juice, presented a fake Massachusetts ID.

n 20 years old, drinking a vodka and cranberry juice, presented a fake Massachusetts ID.

n : 20 years old, presented a fake Massachusetts ID.

n : 19 years old, drinking a Corona beer, presented a fake Massachusetts ID.

Representatives for Dudley’s did not immediately respond for comment on Tuesday.