Marriage announcements for Cabell County

February 10, 2019

Madyson Faith Hinchman, 24, and David Russell Adkins, 29, Cabell County

Ellen Lucille Pennington, 45, and Thomas Troy Jackson, 54, Cabell County

Tamara Irene McKinney Hogsett, 45, and William Harold Jarrell Jr., 58, Lincoln County

Elizabeth Ann Napier, 24, and Jason Bryan Nichols, 21, Cabell County

Windy Lea Odell, 38, and Jonathan Scott Cremeans, 37, Cabell County

Tonya Elaine Baldwin, 28, and Nathaniel Alexander Rogers, 21, Lawrence County

Laverna Sharon Hill, 68, and Stephen Joe Adkins, 69, Greenup County

Vanessa Joan Adams, 59, and Gregory Alan Baker, 61, Cabell County

Angel Marie Jones, 19, and David Michael Ward Jr., 22, Cabell County

Crystal Gayle Crum, 37, and Dominador Lao II, 33, Cabell County

Jeni Leigh Copodonna, 24, and Ronald Lee Williamson II, 24, Cabell County

Kourtney Nicole Yambrick, 23, Harrison County, and Henry Eugene Bunnell, 25, Cabell County

Lauren Elise Stewart, 28, and Patrick Bailey Miller, 30, Cabell County

Elana Dawn Turley, 36, and Thomas Okie Brumfield II, 43, Cabell County

Courtney Paige Newlin, 27, Cabell County, and Garrett James Rinehart, 25, Gilmer County

Casey Jo Constable, 23, and Aaron Justin Adams, 37, Cabell County

Maranda Pearl Wilkins, 38, and Duane Edward Throckmorton, 55, Cabell County

Stormy Mariah Hanshaw, 21, and Alexander Scott Steele, 25, Cabell County

Carmen Maria Delarosa, 31, Cabell County, and Michael Joseph Foust, 38, Putnam County

Steven Edward Young, 29, Lawrence County, and Cody Allen Davis, 19, Putnam County

Kristina Marie Mullins, 23, and Joseph Robert Simpson, 26, Cabell County

Suzanne Brownfield Campbell, 71, and William Arthur McCallister, 80, Cabell County

Jessica Eve Marsh, 31, and Hana Issam Shaaban, 26, Cabell County

Laura Louise Travis, 32, and Walter Everett Napier, 31, Lawrence County

Tiffany Jewel Mays, 22, and Dustin Ryan Edmonds, 26, Cabell County

Theresa Lynn Day, 50, Cabell County, and James Samuel Johnston, 51, Putnam County

Aliya Jake Elswick, 23, and Zachary Moreland Wagoner, 24, Cabell County

Alma Jean Estep, 32, and Jeremy Wayne Byers, 35, Cabell County.