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Anyone Can See Trump’s Lies

September 9, 2018

Editor: A liberal friend of mine recently shared his belief that even vocal Trump supporters do not really believe what he says on a daily basis. They know that Mexico would never pay for a wall, that Putin said he wanted Trump to win in 2016 and that almost daily Trump is caught in a lie or changes his story to try to “correct” his lies. No, this lack of honesty and a willingness to condone his often disgusting behavior make Trump supporters feel just fine because they realize that his actions really bother the liberals, who they see as a greater enemy than a deceitful president. There seems to be a belief by Trump proponents that liberals all see themselves as superior and therefore it gives his fans great pleasure to see how upset the left gets by the president’s actions, no matter how dishonest or destructive. There is great danger in this attitude, as the focus is on hurting “the opposition” and not promoting what is best for the country. Anyone, including his backers, who listens to Trump’s speeches at rallies can easily recognize his lies, unrealistic statistics, and clear narcissistic behavior. His lack of moral behavior has been clear for some time. Who would want this man to interact with their children or act as a role model? It’s past time to acknowledge that the 2016 presidential election was a great mistake for America. This man’s lies, lack of respect for those less fortunate, and extreme focus on himself finally seems to be catching up to him. Will it also lead to the destruction of our unity and democracy? This bad TV reality show must come to an end. Gary Williams SHAVERTOWN