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Schertz installing new water meters

February 5, 2019

Street by street, building by building, house by house, Schertz residents and businesses are receiving new water meters that are designed to produce more reliable and efficient monitoring of water use.

With the new systems, the days of water utility employees climbing fences, or even leaving their trucks, to read a meter are history.

Employees for Professional Meters Inc. (PMI) have been installing the 14,000-plus water meters that Schertz contracted for in August 2018.

The city received eight bids on the project, and went with HydroPro Solutions and its bid of $3,776,414. PMI is a subcontractor for HydroPro Solutions.

The new meter system will provide customers with more accurate water usage data that is updated multiple times throughout the day, water budget and water consumption threshold alerts, comparative data, leak alerts, and notifications from the city.

Linda Klepper, Schertz public affairs director, said each of the 14,208 meter installations should take no more than 10 minutes at each location.

“PMI will make an attempt to see if a resident is home by knocking on the door to inform the resident their meter is going to be changed,” Klepper said. “PMI will be changing out all water meters located on the outside of the resident’s home. The company should never ask to have access to the inside of the house or garage.”

PMI workers will leave a yellow door hanger once the change has been completed, she said. After the meter swap, the city recommends residents flush their water lines until water is clear.

She said the firm is starting in the northeast area of Schertz, where the most manual reads are recorded. As of Feb. 1, the city has changed out and is reading 1,627 of the new meters. She said the city has a target date of June for completion.

On its website, PMI states that it “uses barcode-equipped, handheld data-collection devices in the field to capture pertinent installation details.”

Klepper said the firm uploads all of the meters they swap out into a software system that staff can access. Store data includes pictures showing the last read of the old meter, the read of the new meter, a picture of the new meter ID, and a location of the meter box.

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