Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd

February 20, 2018 GMT

Maren Morris starred in fiancé Ryan Hurd’s music video for his debut single, “Love in a Bar,” and it looks like he may now be returning the favor.

“‘Rich’ video is coming along nicely,” Maren shared on social media on Friday, along with a photo of her significant other dressed in costume, in what appears to be a western town. Maren titled the picture Westworld, an apparent reference to the popular HBO show that centers around a Wild West-themed amusement park. She also Instagramed a short video of herself dressed in similar attire.

Both are in keeping with the details Maren already revealed to ABC Radio: “We’re shooting it in New Mexico, so yeah, it’s happening,” she said.

“And I was like, ‘If we’re doing a video for ‘Rich,’ we need to go all out.′ Because it’s a pretty bombastic, sassy song. It needs a video that compliments that perfectly.”

With lyrics like “Vegas at the Mandarin/high-roller gamblin’,” it would’ve been easy to imagine a scenario set in Sin City. But Maren said that’s not the case.

“I will say about the video treatment,” she explained, “there’s nothing Vegas-y about it. I was like, ‘Everyone’s gonna think we’re gonna do a Vegas video.’ But it’s actually, like, quite opposite. So I’m excited for us to shoot it and for people to see it.”

“Rich” is the fourth and final single from Maren’s debut album, Hero.