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WVU’s Gee says MU is insignificant

March 17, 2019

West Virginia University President E. Gordon Gee disrespected Marshall University a couple of weeks ago during a WVU Faculty Senate meeting. While discussing the campus carry bill before the Legislature, Gee noted that Marshall President Jerome Gilbert had asked legislators to reject the bill.

“And then the president of Marshall speaks out and, well, that’s because no one cares about Marshall,” Gee said, generating a few chuckles from faculty members. “And I don’t say that negatively. I say that we represent — our budget is $4.5 billion and theirs is $250 million. We carry a lot of clout.”

Gee said Marshall was insignificant because its budget was much less than WVU’s. Gee’s words had an impact, mainly among Marshall supporters. Several of them commented on herald-dispatch.com about Gee’s statement.

Sheila Jones: “I care a lot about Marshall. I attended as a freshman until I moved away for work because opportunities locally were slim to none. When the plane crashed at Tri-State Airport, my father was there helping to clean up and find and identify bodies. He gave every year to MU until he passed away. The money that MU brings to the area is one of the main reasons that Huntington is not completely taken over by the opioid craze sweeping the area. MU brought educated professors, they graduate educated talent that opens new businesses and supports the businesses that surround the university and its satellite locations. I came home recently and was delighted to see the expansion of the school buildings and the shops in the surrounding area. If Gee is any example of what is coming out of WVU and Morgantown, I really would prefer Marshall instead of arrogant and flippant superiority that makes fun of a wonderful institution attempting to provide education, thus growth and quality, in the Huntington area.”

Anthony R. Hicks: “I know, let’s have a turkey shoot in Gee’s office.”

Christopher Mitchell: “When I see someone wearing a Marshall T-shirt, I assume they went to Marshall. When I see someone wearing a WVU T-shirt, I assume they went to Walmart.”

George Stansberry: “WVU is an arrogant institution. That’s how they really think, apology or not.”

Jeff Nikawa Rhea: “I remember when Gee was president at Ohio State. I was happy to see him leave.”

Michael Keller: “Apparently President Gilbert’s tactics worked. Gee’s didn’t.”

John O’Connor: “Gee sticking his foot in his mouth. Some things never change.”

Robert Hess: “The nice part is Dr. Gilbert shines as the class act of the two without having to say a word. Proud MU alum!”

Donna Lynn: “It says a lot about his character and intelligence when you can’t have a conversation without resorting to put downs. And yet, we expect our kids to go to school and respect each other. What a poor excuse for a representative of WVU.”

Diana Hanshaw Cornell: “No class whatsoever! Sadly, pretty typical coming from WVU.”

Mark Buchanan: “Is WVU still upset that Marshall makes their students earn their degrees?”

Dale L. Crookshanks: “Typical arrogance from the school up north.”

John O’Connor: “Nothing new for Gee. He is renowned for sticking his foot in his mouth.”

Lisa McKinney Jackson: “I’m glad he apologized, but that wasn’t nice or funny. #jerk”

Jill Taylor Songer: “And I thought I couldn’t dislike WVU more. Guess I was wrong. Go Herd!”

Johnny Gray IV: “Well, we all know he what he really thinks of Marshall.”

Cathy Neace Hudson: “People give me a hard time because I do not support WVU. I never have. Never will. Glad my kids chose to go out of state. MU did not have the programs they wanted. WVU did and both said no I’m not going there.”

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