National Grid to use ‘noise cannon’ to scare away crows

November 13, 2018 GMT

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (AP) — After all else failed, National Grid is bringing in a cannon to scare away the hundreds of crows that have been hanging around an electrical substation in Massachusetts.

Don’t worry, no birds will be hurt. The utility says the propane cannon being fired off in North Adams this week doesn’t shoot projectiles, just makes a lot of noise that annoys the crows.

The utility said Monday it wants to get rid of the birds because there is a potential for a power loss if a crow lands on the wrong piece of equipment, and their droppings are corrosive.

National Grid says the cannon will be fired off between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. starting Tuesday and will keep going until Saturday.

Police have warned area residents.