A Solution for Climate Change

March 20, 2017 GMT

I enjoyed your article by members of the Citizens Climate Lobby. It was also encouraging to hear several Republicans such as George Schultz, James Baker and Henry Paulson pushing for a carbon fee, with all of that fee being returned to taxpayers. While their proposal called for a higher starting fee of $40 per ton of CO2 produced, the concept is the same. Start charging a fee for the amount of carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuels, and then return that fee to everyone to offset the increased cost of gas and oil. The result will be a market based solution that encourages people to use renewable energy and reduce their use of fossil fuels. While it will take 20 years or so to make a huge difference, at least it would start the process of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, and do it without restrictive government regulations. I encourage everyone to google Citizens Climate Lobby to read about this in more detail, and to contact Senators Crapo and Risch, and Congressman Simpson. They need to hear that it’s time to address our changing climate. Most climate solutions in the past have been discouraging to people. This is the first time Republicans and Democrats have started to come together with a positive solution for climate change.

Mike Larkin,