Maryland football removed booster from trip after McNair comments

October 7, 2018 GMT

University of Maryland booster Rick Jaklitsch was taken off the Terrapins’ trip to Michigan this weekend after comments he made about the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair, sources told ESPN.

Players reportedly became angry that Jaklitsch was on the passenger list for a charter flight to Michigan. When they made athletics staff members aware, they decided to tell Jaklitsch he was no longer allowed to take the flight.

Jaklitsch and other boosters expressed support for suspended coach DJ Durkin in comments to The Diamondback, Maryland’s student newspaper. Jaklitsch went as far as to assign some blame for McNair’s death on the player himself.

“As much as we hate to say this, Jordan didn’t do what Jordan was supposed to do,” Jaklitsch said. “A trainer like Wes Robinson thinks a kid’s properly hydrated and runs a drill set up for kids that are properly hydrated, and when the kid didn’t drink the gallon he knew he had to drink, that’s going to send the wrong signal to the person running the drill.”

Jaklitsch is an attorney from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.