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Todd Maynard: Jeff Maddox positively impacted my life

October 31, 2018 GMT

My name is Todd Maynard, I am a teacher and the head boys basketball coach at Tolsia High School. I want to share my support for the Democratic candidate, Jeff Maddox, during his run for Wayne County Commission.

I met Jeff when I was around 11 years old. He was my all-star baseball coach at Buffalo. I was an adopted kid from Huntington and I did not have a lot of resources to get to and from practices or games.

Jeff took me under his wing and made a commitment that I would always have transportation to and from practice and games. I became good friends with his son Clay. We played sports together all the way through high school.

I have great memories with the Maddox family and I would have to publish a book to tell them all.

During eighth grade football at Buffalo I would go to the Maddoxes’ house on game days after school. Brenda would feed me and take us to the field. I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting on a stool in the kitchen eating a barbecue sandwich. Jeff came in from work and was talking to me and he said “You’ve had it rough, haven’t you Todd?” I just kind of nodded my head yes. I will never forget what he told me and it still stays with me this day.

Jeff told me to “always make good decisions and fight my way out.” Looking back, that is how I have tried to live my life and continue to this day. Jeff and the Maddox family have made a ripple effect with my family.

I believe Jeff Maddox is the best candidate for Wayne County Commission for this election. Wayne County will get a commissioner who is a godly man, great father, grandparent and citizen of Wayne County. He stood with and supported the teachers and service personnel during their fight for a pay increase.

Jeff has a great business mind who always thinks outside of the box! He has the experience and work ethic for the job. The reasons I have voting for Jeff Maddox are the reasons stated above, but most of all he has been a resource in my life who has always treated my family like his own! I am blessed that God put him in my life years ago and to this day.

Todd Maynard is a Kenova resident.