Wisch list: Wisch Lists are for New Year’s

December 30, 2018 GMT

Wish lists are for Christmas.

But Wisch Lists? Well, just like every year, they’re for New Year’s.

As you read today’s column, I’m with my wife in Los Angeles for the first leg of what will be a weeklong drive up the (it better be) sunny California coast along U.S. Route 1. Along the way, we’ll be staying in Santa Barbara (for New Year’s Eve), Big Sur (pretending as though we’re in an episode of “Big Little Lies”) and Carmel-by-the-Sea (where Clint Eastwood served as mayor from 1986-88), before ending the trip in San Francisco.

Hopefully, I’ll return home without a California accent.


In the meantime, though, I, like, totally want to share with you my thoughts for the New Year as we prepare to dive headlong into 2019. So, away we go …

I Wisch every Christmas could be a white one but also that every Christmas could be as warm as the one we just celebrated. I know that doesn’t make any sense. But, hey, these are my Wisches, so just roll with it.

I Wisch to see Bryce Harper wearing Cubs pinstripes in 2019 — and until the free-agent slugger is standing at a news conference wearing a different team’s jersey, I still believe he’s coming to Chicago (the North Side, that is).

I Wisch that White Sox fans wouldn’t get angry when you tell them a marquee free agent simply isn’t likely to sign with a team coming off a 100-loss season — no matter how many top prospects the franchise might have. The Sox definitely are trending up, but that doesn’t mean they’re on a rocket trajectory.

I Wisch that Illinois hadn’t lost population for the fifth year in a row — the only state in the country to have experienced such a drain.

I Wisch I believed the state’s newly elected officials were going to help stem that tide — but, rather, I fear they only are going to accelerate it.

I Wisch I liked any of Chicago’s mayoral candidates.

I Wisch to see the Bears hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in February as Super Bowl champs — and Bourbonnais packed for Training Camp in Summer 2019.

I Wisch Jon Gruden could trade someone to help the Bulls.

I Wisch in the Age of Social Media, sports fans would show more patience for rebuilds. It wasn’t long ago, for example, people already were scalling for Bears GM Ryan Pace’s head, and now look where his team is.

I Wisch, in particular, that University of Illinois fans had said patience. Crawling out of the crater Tim Beckman created for Illini football requires time, and Lovie Smith’s recruiting now is starting to roll. Wins, hopefully, will follow soon.


I Wisch, however, in regard to Illini basketball I was feeling more upbeat about Brad Underwood’s coaching after that egg his team laid against Missouri in the “Braggin’ Rights” game. Alas, I am not.

I Wisch to see the stock market have more days like it did on the day after Christmas, and fewer days like, well, pretty much the rest of them lately.

I Wisch people didn’t try to inject politics into everything these days.

I Wisch that Notre Dame was part of the Big Ten and that Rutgers wasn’t. Maryland, too, for that matter.

I Wisch to see Joe Maddon tinker with his batting orders less in 2019.

I Wisch to see Kris Bryant healthy in 2019. Yu Darvish, too.

I Wisch to see all that (plus Bryce Harper) add up to a very happy October in Wrigleyville 10 months from now.

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