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Canning mishap summons NP fire department

September 5, 2018

A small gas leak ignited Tuesday afternoon at a home six miles northeast of North Platte, causing minor damage but a major response as firefighters hurried through road construction to get there.

The owners of a split-level home on Northridge Circle Drive were canning grapes when the gas leak “lit up” just after 3:30 p.m., said fire Battalion Chief Dave Heitman as his crew packed up a few minutes later.

“There’s nothing (inside) that looks like an explosion,” Heitman said. Before firefighters even reached the home, the occupants “shut off the gas inside, and the fire went out.”

Firefighters responded from North Platte’s north-side station and rolled north on U.S. Highway 83, where construction workers were guiding motorists on a narrowed single lane north of the North Platte River bridge. Traffic had to be cleared for the fire trucks and ambulance, Heitman said.

Northridge Circle Drive sits about two miles northeast of the junction of U.S. 83 and Nebraska Highway 97.