Vivian Farmer: Right to murder?

March 26, 2019

Editor: Recently daily news coverage bombarded us with news that the dolphins at the Phoenix-area marine display were mistreated and now have been saved from near death. We hear PETA beating their breasts about cruelty to some animal, but I have seen no uprising about the unborn and now newly born being murdered.

We now have two state legislators trying to put through legislation that will give pregnant women here in Arizona the right to murder their newly born babies (that is called infanticide). This is what New York has recently passed and other states are getting on the band wagon. Where does it stop? Next will it be the mentally ill, those to old and infirm to care for themselves or have very expensive medical conditions, in comas for a certain period of time, it’s a slippery slope and one we need to ask ourselves “Am I next”?

Vivian Farmer


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