Giving Fund: Local residents need help paying bills, fixing cars

January 3, 2019 GMT

After six weeks of posting stories, Connecticut Post readers have donated enough to meet 91 percent of the monetary total for local families in need through the Giving Fund.

For the 10th consecutive year, the Connecticut Post partnered with United Way to provide stories of those in the community in need of money to help themthrough the holiday season and into January.

Donations can be made to The Giving Fund, a philanthropic partnership between United Way, LifeBridge of Bridgeport and the Connecticut Post. Coupons are provided in print for donations. Online donations can be made at https://bit.ly/2UWVaFx.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 115 Connecticut Post readers have donated $22,384 to Giving Fund cases. The needs have been fully met for the following cases: 001, 010, 017, 019, 021, 024, 027, 030, 034, 037, 043, 045, 051, 055 and 060.

At this point last year, 94 Connecticut Post readers had donated $19,548, including a gift of $1,817 raised by 90 employees at one company.

All cases for this season can be found at www.ctpost.com/ givingfund.

Every Wednesday online and every Thursday in print from Thanksgiving through early January, true stories are shared of local residents struggling to make ends meet. Though the stories are true, the names of the people have been changed.

A total of $4,550 in donations is being asked for this week.

Eunice — Case 061

Eunice needs help affording new housing. Eunice and her son live in Bridgeport but have been asked to leave their current housing situation for reasons unrelated to them. Now Eunice is going through the court eviction process and is at risk for homelessness. She continues to work full-time and saved enough money for a security deposit on an apartment for her and her son. But she’s struggling to come up with enough money for her first month’s rent for the new apartment. A gift of $500 would help Eunice and her son get moved into their new apartment before being evicted from their current home.

Melba — Case 062

Melba’s car needs repairs so she can keep commuting to college. Melba, who recently graduated high school, lives with her mother in Stratford. She’s soon starting college and is actively searching for a job to help pay for her tuition. Melba’s car was hit recently and is in need of repairs so she can commute to and from college. A gift of $500 would help Melba cover the repairs for her car.

Luz — Case 063

Luz could use some extra help to cover rent. Luz is a single mother living in Bridgeport with two children. She has been living paycheck to paycheck while working part-time during the day. She has been actively searching for a full-time job so she can continue to support her kids without constantly struggling. With her current part-time job, she struggles to pay her monthly rent. A gift of $500 would help her stay in her apartment with her children a little bit longer as she continues to look for full-time employment.

Denita — Case 064

Denita needs some help to provide for her children. She is a mother of three children between the ages of 6 and 14, all of whom have physical, mental and developmental challenges. She brings them to frequent doctor visits. Denita survived years of abuse and being trafficked for labor. A gift of $500 would help Denita pay for some food and daily supplies for her family.

Pam — Case 065

Pam could use some money to help pay rent. She is a Bridgeport resident who has been homeless for the past year, jumping from one family member to another to stay under a roof. She has no source of income and has medical problems that keep her from seeking a job. Pam is currently living with her daughter and her daughter’s family. A gift of $300 would help Pam contribute some money toward rent and household items.

Kate — Case 066

Kate needs help getting her car back on the road. She is a single woman in her mid-20s who pays all her bills on her own. She works full-time and saves money any chance she has. But her car needs to have its drive belt tensioner and tensioner pulley replaced. She has already paid $300 toward the bill, but still owes $350 more. A gift of $350 would help Kate cover the repairs left on her car.

Tina — Case 067

Tina needs help to pay for her heat this winter. She is a married mother with three young kids. Her husband works as a school bus driver and gets a portion of unemployment while the schools are on vacation. The cost of daycare for their children is expensive and Tina is a stay-at-home mom. A gift of $400 would help Tina and her family cover the cost of heat for the winter as they work to figure out their financial future.

Tanya — Case 068

Tanya could needs help relocating. She is a victim of incest and emotional and physical abuse. She moved to Connecticut a few years ago. But recently, one of her abusers moved to Connecticut and she has to leave the state for her own safety. She has moderate income and has made arrangements to move, but still has some costs she is unable to cover. A gift of $500 would help Tina relocate away from her former abuser.

Candy — Case 069

Candy needs help affording beds for her kids. She is a mother with two teenagers. They had to get rid of all the furniture in their apartment about six months ago because of a problem with bed bugs. Candy hasn’t been able to replace any of the items her family lost and they’ve been sleeping on some old air mattresses and a small chair. Candy’s main priority is purchasing beds for her children before replacing the other future. A gift of $500 would help Candy afford new beds for her kids.

George — Case 070

George needs a new bed and box spring. He’s a 64-year-old Stratford resident and United States Army veteran. George has mild depression, AIDS and post-traumatic stress disorder. He receives income from government funds that help him cover the cost of housing and basic necessities. George has been sleeping on the same bed for over 10 years. A gift of $500 would help George get to a store and replace his old bed and box spring.