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Revitalizing Communities

May 12, 2019

Editor: On April 9, U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright introduced the bipartisan RECLAIM Act of 2019 in a renewed effort to leverage federal support for the substantial economic redevelopment already underway throughout our region and countless coal-rich communities across the country. This act would invest $200 million over five years to revitalize communities and reclaim scarred land and damaged waterways effected by pre-1973 mining activities. This deliberate program would support abandoned mine land revitalization and acid mine drainage treatment, would guarantee adequate public notice and would leverage the federal government as a powerful partner and stakeholder. This is exactly the kind of smart, good-government legislation this country and this community needs, and I applaud the congressman for his leadership. These kinds of projects are good for our communities because they invest in both our environmental and economic future. Jonathan Kadjeski SWOYERSVILLE

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