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Car Bomb Kills 2 in Kuwait

July 15, 1987 GMT

KUWAIT (AP) _ A car bomb exploded in a fashionable shopping district Wednesday night, killing two people and blowing the facades off several stores, the official Kuwaiti News Agency reported.

It quoted an Interior Ministry source as saying the car blew up at about 9:30 p.m. in front of a shopping center in the Salhiya district of Kuwait City.

No other details were given in the report, which was read on state television and radio. A few policemen were stationed around the scene several hours after the bombing, waving passers-by away.

A bomb exploded in the same general area on the eve of the Organization of Islamic Conference meeting in January. It was the latest in a series of bombings since 1985 that Kuwait has blamed on pro-Iranian Shiite Moslem extremists living in the emirate.

About 50 Shiites have been arrested since 1985 on charges of sabotage and terrorism.

The suspects are believed to be members of the Iranian-backed Iraqi party Al-Daawa, which in Arabic means Religious Call. Its members are fanatical Shiite Moslem followers of Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Iran supports radical Shiites in neighboring Persian Gulf nations, whose governments are dominated by Sunni Moslems and support Iraq in its 7-year-old war with Iran.

The Iranians accuse Kuwait of supporting Iraq in the war.

A car bomb exploded at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait in December 1983, killing five people and injuring 86. The French Embassy also was bombed.

Seventeen people have been convicted and three were sentenced to death, but the sentences have not been carried out.

Bombs also have exploded at oil installations, government offices and in cafes of Kuwait City.

Sheik Jaber al-Ahmed al-Sabah, the emir, survived an assassination attempt in May 1985. A suicide bomber rammed his car into the ruler’s motorcade, killing himself and three other people

Nine people were killed and 56 wounded in July 1985 by bombs that exploded in two popular Kuwait City cafes.