Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia pays tribute to late star

April 22, 2017 GMT

Mayte Garcia has paid tribute to Prince, one year after his death.

The 57-year-old singer passed away from an accidental overdose on April 21, 2016 and Mayte - who was married to Prince for three years from 1996 - remembered him as “one of a kind”.

She told E! News: “He’s the only man, I don’t know any man that could wear high heels, women’s perfume, eyeliner and heels and be sexy. He was one of a kind.”

The pair first met when Mayte was a backing dancer for Prince and she revealed their relationship progressed quickly once it turned romantic.

She shared: “We were friends and then he became my boss and then it just, the flirtation happened. We went to the movies all the time. The first date-date that he was like, ‘It’s courting time,’ was when we were engaged.”

The couple had one son, Amiir, who died from a rare genetic disorder just days after his birth in October 1996 and Mayte, 43, admitted she originally hoped their split was just a “phase” following the tragedy and she hoped they would reconcile.

She previously explained: “Not that I thought my light was gonna go out, I just knew, that was the way he was and it’s how people are in life, you have a time with someone and then you move on, it’s definitely more common now. It wasn’t something I thought, ‘Oh it’s time’.

“I always hoped it was something he was going through because of all the tragedy that happened in the family, I figured he was going through a phase, I’d seen him go through different phases musically and artistically that he’d come out of it, he had a good heart, I didn’t feel it like that, I had hope.”