Katko didn’t endorse Trump, but president-elect nearly won CNY congressional district

November 10, 2016 GMT

Donald Trump didn’t have the support of U.S. Rep. John Katko, but the president-elect came close to winning the congressman’s district in central New York.

Results compiled by The Citizen show Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the 24th Congressional District, which includes all of Cayuga, Onondaga and Wayne counties, plus a portion of Oswego County.

Clinton received 48.42 percent of the vote in the four-county district. Trump received 45.82 percent of the vote.

The two major party candidates were separated by 7,419 votes, according to the unofficial tally.


PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RESULTS - 24TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTCountyHillary ClintonDonald TrumpGary JohnsonJill SteinCayuga12,20216,1941,255473Onondaga102,91578,2777,9072,923Oswego10,64414,3141,198415Wayne12,37821,9351,765520TOTAL138,139130,72012,1254,331PERCENTAGE48.42%45.82%4.25%1.52%

Trump won Cayuga County by double digits — the first Republican to do so since Ronald Reagan in 1984. He won by nearly 4,000 votes in the county.

He also won in Wayne County, a traditional Republican stronghold. And he carried the portion of Oswego County in the district by 3,670 votes.

The victories in Cayuga and Oswego were significant because both counties were won by Obama in 2008 and 2012. Clinton didn’t crack 40 percent of the overall vote in either county.

In the New York Republican presidential primary, Trump won the 24th Congressional District, but didn’t sweep the delegates. He received 48 percent of the vote, which means he came short of the 50 percent threshold needed to win all three delegates.

He went on to win New York’s primary and 89 of the state’s 95 delegates.

The general election showing for Trump in central New York was much better than polls suggested leading up to Nov. 8. A Time Warner Cable News/Siena College poll released on Oct. 20 showed Clinton leading by 10 points in the 24th District.

On Election Day, Clinton won the district by less than 3 points.

The two candidates didn’t come close to matching Katko’s performance in his own district. He defeated Democratic challenger Colleen Deacon by nearly 62,000 votes, 61 to 39 percent.


The 22-point win was slightly better than his 2014 victory. He won that race by 20 points.

24TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT RACE RESULTSCountyKatkoDeaconCayuga19,9729,656Onondaga109,31079,807Oswego17,1698,506Wayne24,08110,959TOTAL170,532108,928PERCENTAGE61.02%38.98%

One of the issues raised by Democrats in the 24th Congressional District race was Katko’s stance on Trump. He decided not to endorse the GOP presidential candidate after a video was released showing Trump making sexually aggressive comments about women.

Katko opted to support a third party or write-in candidate. On Election Day he revealed that he wrote in South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for president.

While he has concerns about Trump, Katko acknowledged some similarities he shares with the president-elect.

“That’s a giant message to Washington that I subscribed to — people want outsiders to come in and shake things up,” Katko said on election night. “That’s exactly what I did two years ago. He’s doing the same thing. Maybe we can work together. We can heal the differences and get things moving forward.”

Katko pledged to work with the next president, but also said he’ll be a “check against them.”

Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president on Jan. 20.