Three Midlands officials react to Trump’s speech about border wall

January 10, 2019 GMT

As of late Tuesday evening, two Midlands lawmakers and the Nebraska Democratic Party chair had issued statements reacting to the speech by President Donald Trump and the Democratic response: Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb.; Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party; and Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa.

Rep. Don Bacon:

“Border security is national security, and we are seeing a humanitarian crisis develop. We must protect the children and others being brought to our country for illicit activities; we must ensure those arriving here can have medical care and access to a speedy adjudication system; and we must ensure our country is safe from illegal drugs, terrorists and criminals.


“I support the 234 miles of physical barriers, more judges, additional security personnel for ICE and CBP, increased medical capabilities and expanded vehicle screening at ports of entry.

“Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi and Minority Leader (Chuck) Schumer must come to the negotiating table in good faith — their refusal to compromise on the physical barrier has resulted in gridlock and endangers lives.”

Jane Kleeb:

“Trump lied. Again. He promised during his campaign that Mexico would pay for his wall. Now he wants to saddle American taxpayers with the bill. His administration continues to lie and obfuscate the facts over border security to fan the flames of hysteria.

“And he seems content with shutting down much of the federal government because of his temper tantrum, which hurts the more than 800,0000 federal workers who are not being paid and denies vital services to the American people.

“It is, in a word, unconscionable. And Nebraska’s GOP congressional members — Sens. (Ben) Sasse and (Deb) Fischer and Reps. Bacon, (Jeff) Fortenberry and (Adrian) Smith — are in lock-step with Trump and follow along without making a peep.”

Sen. Joni Ernst:

“Make no mistake: we have a humanitarian crisis as a result of the 60,000 illegal and inadmissible immigrants a month on the southern border. The president has been abundantly clear that the Democrats need to start working with Republicans — not against them — to reach an agreement on securing our southern border and putting the well-being of American citizens first.

“Democrats in Washington, D.C. are playing games with the safety and security of each and every town in America. A wall is not just about protecting our southern border, but about stopping human trafficking and the transport of illegal weapons and drugs — in addition to the ability of gang members and terrorists to exploit the holes in our system and take advantage of our good will and American ideals.

“As the President said tonight, this is about fulfilling our duty to the citizens we serve. I agree, Mr. President. Let’s work together to secure our border.”