Government should not impose on faith -- Monte Knetter

May 18, 2019

The ability of religious people to determine the content of their faith and live it out free from government interference is a fundamental human right enshrined in our Constitution.

Orthodox Christians have always considered non-heterosexual and extramarital sexual activity sinful. For this reason, Christian organizations routinely require their employees to forswear fornication, adultery, homosexual activity and even the use of pornography.

A bill in Congress, H.R. 5, known as the Equality Act, if passed, would destroy the right of religious organizations to determine the content and expression of their faith by requiring them to accept the federal government’s definition of gender and marriage when making hiring decisions. Their refusal to adopt our government’s views on these issues will make them liable to civil and criminal penalties that will effectively force them out of existence.

Many Americans may disagree with Christian views of sex, gender and family. But the relevant question isn’t whether orthodox Christians have the right or wrong view on these issues. It’s whether or not the state has the right to determine the content of their or anyone’s faith.

Monte Knetter, Baldwin

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