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Tarkington Longhorns come out on top of Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns, 60-55

November 20, 2016

The Tarkington Longhorns had a tough basketball game against the similarly named Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns on Nov. 18 but in the end the Tarkington boys came out on top and won 60-55.

Both teams were evenly matched at the end of the first period, 20-20. The Hamshire-Fannett Longhorns took a 7-point lead at the end of the first half, 35-28 and stayed ahead throughout the third period with the Tarkington Longhorns slowly catching up, 42-39.

The Tarkington Longhorns kept a slow and steady pace throughout the fourth period until Jared Haltom scored a 2-point shot to put the team ahead of their Hamshire-Fannett opponents. Ricky Martin, John Willis and Lassi Murojarvi followed up with 2-point shots and free throws to win the game 60-55.

Coach Greg Scharer of the Tarkington Longhorns expressed his admiration for his team’s diligence to come back and win the game.

“We’re starting to play a little better,” he said. “I’m proud of them coming back and playing hard.”

Scharer says the Longhorns continue to improve with each passing day as they start playing against new opponents throughout the season. However, he says the team is going to be working on offensive rebounding and defending in regards to perimeter players.

The Longhorns are expected to focus their defensive tactics against opponents who make 3-point shots.

The next opponent for the Longhorns is the Big Sandy Wildcats. Scharer says any team that goes against the Big Sandy Wildcats always has to be on their guard.

“You better play solid defense,” he said. “You better defend the three-point lane.”