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Rodeo City beats Marauding Mollys in final seconds of roller derby bout

December 6, 2016 GMT

The Rodeo City Rollergirls had a 20-point jam in the final minutes of Saturday’s bout leading to a 171-169 win over the Marauding Mollys in Lakewood.

The score before the final jam of Saturday’s bout was 151 to 169 with Rodeo behind. Rodeo jammer Callie Guntheroth, known as Yo-Yo Mauler, took the line and had a 20-point jam, while Rodeo blockers held the other team’s jammer to zero points.

Rodeo City fought its way back from a 94-59 deficit at halftime. In the second half Rodeo chipped away, jam by jam, to bring it to smaller point spread. With just four seconds on the clock and the Marauding Mollys leading 169-151, Rodeo’s head coach called a timeout, forcing one final jam.

Guntheroth was just hoping to make up some of the difference, but she got lead jam, lapped the other jammer and then pushed the repeat button.

“I got lead and I was like, ‘OK, let’s see how far I can get with this,’” she said. “Then I kept getting through and I kept getting through. ‘I just got a grand slam and I’m lead jammer and we’re only 10 points behind now. I can do that.’”

Guntheroth said her blockers kept the other jammer from getting out and scoring, and the whole jam was like a movie moment.


Coach Andrea Eklund, known as Professor Pain, was ecstatic about the win.

“I can’t believe how amazing our blockers are together,” she said. “They kept that opposing jammer back for so long … and our jammer just kept going and going and going.”

Eklund said the win shows that her team never gives up and tries different things when something is not working.

“This is the most exciting win we’ve ever had in the seven years we’ve been playing, ever. It really is,” she said.

Team captain Shelby Taylor-Olson, known as Hula C Nation, said the success had to do with teamwork.

“We’ve been working to build a team together,” she said. “This is our first bout as this team and so our goal really was to work together, always have a buddy and play strong.”

Taylor-Olson said the team had several newly graduated fresh meat skaters play in the bout.

“They did amazing,” she said. “They knew to look for their veteran skaters for guidance. They took all the systems that we could give them and they gave their best.”

This is the team’s second win of the 2016-17 season. In September they took a win over Storm City.

The team’s next bout will take place in the new year. Recruitment for skaters, referees and volunteers is ongoing. There also is a junior league for skaters under 18. For more information, visit www.rodeocityrollergirls.com.

Nicole Klauss is a skater with the Rodeo City Rollergirls.