Several hikers attacked, stung by bee swarm in Connecticut

August 24, 2018

ANSONIA, Conn. (AP) — A medical rescue crew used all-terrain vehicles to reach several hikers who were attacked and stung by a swarm of bees in the Connecticut woods.

Ansonia Rescue and Medical Services says one person stung while hiking in the Ansonia Nature Center on Thursday night experienced anaphylactic shock. That person was located “several miles into the woods, suffering a severe reaction with airway compromised.”

Rescue officials say that person’s allergic reaction was controlled at the scene.

Rescue personnel used ATVs to reach the hikers and get them out of the woods to waiting ambulances.

It’s unclear what kind of bees stung the hikers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says as many as a 100 people die every year from insect stings.

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