Customs: 4 flight attendants charged with money laundering

October 23, 2019 GMT

MIAMI (AP) — Four flight attendants have been arrested on money laundering charges at Miami International Airport after authorities say they found them carrying tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Customs and Border Patrols officials said they arrested four American Airlines attendants during an inspection early Monday. Police say they were carrying more than $22,000 in cash after arriving on a flight from Chile. They didn’t specify the exact amount.

Officials say they discovering an alleged structuring scheme attempting to violate federal currency reporting requirements. They didn’t elaborate.

The agents were charged with money laundering and turned over to Miami-Dade Police.

American Airlines said in statement that it’s cooperating with law enforcement and taking the “matter seriously.”

International travelers arriving or departing with more than $10,000 are required to report all currency.