Letters To The Editor 6/20/2018

June 20, 2018 GMT

Science hijacked

Editor: We often hear the drumbeat from climate change alarmists like Richard Whiteford (“Avoid catastrophe,” June 11) that “the science is settled” on climate change and yet they continue to adjust talking points on the fly when their predictions fall flat on their face.

After the devastating Hurricane season of 2005 that included Category 5 hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, former Vice President Al Gore supposedly warned that Armageddon was upon us with killer storms set to ravage us each summer. Excluding Super Storm Sandy in 2012, it took until 2016 for another Category 3 or above hurricane — Matthew — to make landfall in the continental United States. This gap proves that we are far from having any idea how to accurately nail down climate science.

I can hear keyboard clicks as alarmists run seek to find articles that can explain away my observation. It is sad that atmospheric science has been hijacked by political interests over the past 40 years. In the past 15 years the true debate has been squashed in academia. I witnessed actual uncertainty of climate research, having taken courses at Penn State University’s College of Earth and Mineral Science. I would love for the science to be settled and if anybody could answer these questions I’m all ears:

■ What is the current rate of warming?

■ If we do not follow the Paris accord what will be our average high temperature at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in 2028?

■ In what year will it be too late to do anything so we might as well not waste our tax dollars at that point?




China, Kim win

Editor: President Trump evidently dislikes our democratically elected allies, while indulging dictators.

Prior to the recent G-7 meeting in Quebec, Trump stated that Russia should be part of the economic summit. Our European allies never would allow Russian President Vladimir Putin back while he illegally occupies Crimea and meddles in Ukraine. Russia’s economy doesn’t even qualify to be in the group. It is as small as Spain’s.

So, Trump opposes our allies, while pushing the agenda of our enemy, Putin. It proves again that Trump is in Putin’s pocket.

He antagonized Canada just to look tough before the North Korea summit. Many things are wrong with the North Korea summit. He gave Kim Jong Un a win by agreeing to meet, elevating Kim to the level of a president, instead of what he is, a dictator running a militarized Third World country with nukes. Kim runs a police state. In rising to power, he has executed hundreds, including his brother and an uncle. Per the United Nations, Christianity is considered a threat and Christians cannot practice their religion safely. Intimidation and hunger are used as tools over his people. But, Trump states that Kim is reasonable, trustworthy and loves his people.

The one-page summit agreement states that denuclearization is a mutual goal, but there are no specifics. There is no mention of verification or inspections, no details about where their nukes are, how many, or how we will know if they cooperate.

Trump gave away too much and got nothing in return. He even ad-libbed that we will cancel our military exercises with South Korea, calling them “war games,” and “provocative,” which is North Korean terminology.

This adds up to a win for Kim and for China, whose leaders would love for the United States to be out of Asia completely.




Diminishing impact

Editor: Those of the greatest generation who fought in World War II and those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan did so because the people in those countries had no voice.

But we in the United States do have a voice. We are not ruled by dictators or kings. We choose those who represents us. My father didn’t fight in a war so a president of the United States could salute a dictator. My father didn’t fight so a president could praise a man who rapes, poisons and kills his people. My father didn’t fight so people seeking asylum can have their children ripped from them and thrown in cages.

Unfortunately, Trump supporters, who are supposed to have Christian values, stand behind a president who has absolutely no values. The very people who elected him will discover down the road that Trump’s policies are harmful and will negatively affect them. You may not have liked President Obama, but he did not diminish the nation in the eyes of the world. Since when does a president insult our allies, but praise dictators?

We may no longer be a democracy. Don’t focus your attention on those kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games and hate actor Robert DeNiro because he cursed Trump at an awards show. That’s what a democracy is all about. Trump is the enemy.

You might say, “If you don’t like it here, move to another country,” but Trump should live in Russia or North Korea.




Flag raises hope

Editor: As a former Scrantonian, a parent of six adults and grandmother to 11, I am overjoyed to hear that a pride flag is fluttering at City Hall.

I cofounded a support group for LGBT teens and young adults 25 years ago. I am in touch with several of them who are now in their 40s. It is one of the best things I have ever done.

Thanks to Mayor Bill Courtright and others who were part of the decision to fly the flag for the first time at City Hall. The flag represents pride, but do not think for one moment that by flying it, you may have saved a life.